vrijdag 21 juni 2013

Salsa & Zouk Party - Station / Perron 3a

This Saturday(8th of June), I decided to attend the Salsa and Zouk Party in Haarlem Station  as I wanted  to enjoy a relaxing-salsa and zouk dance Saturday night. I was not disappointed at all, as there are few elements that make this party special:

The beautiful location:

Haarlem Station is a railway station in the Netherlands, located in the city of Haarlem on the Amsterdam–Rotterdam railway, the original train line linking Amsterdam to Zandvoort and Amsterdam to Leiden.It is a monumental place and a wonderful location for parties, with a wooden floor and a warm envinronment.

The music:

In my opinion the music is one of the most important factors in order to have a good time in a party, and those who attended the party on Saturday night, had a blast. The DJs (Andres “el Jefe” in the Salsa room and Zoukkero in the Zouk area) made some excellent choices, with favourite and classic songs that please each and every dancer.

The shows:

The party included two shows,one from La Essencia and a different and a spectacular and sexy Burlesque show. I believe that the Salsa and Zouk audience enjoy seeing different shows and dance styles from time to time, and that is why the choice of the Burlesque show was really successful.

The Schedule of the party:

Another reason for which the party attracts so many people, is it’s nice schedule, and it’s affordable price. With only 5€ entrance for both rooms, you can enjoy two workshops (Salsa Beginners by Tonka & Andre and Zouk beginners from Willem Engel), the shows, and the party. The party starts early (21:00) and finishes early (01.00), so that everyone feels relaxed and happy, and is full of energy to enjoy a beautiful Sunday.

No matter what your dancing style and preferences are, this is a party not to be missed!
Until next time...see you all on the dance-floor!

Review by Kelly Stavridaki / 10-06-2013 / rated: 4 stars

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