vrijdag 21 juni 2013

Limburg Salsa Festival

If you didn’t go to Limburg Salsa Festival this year, not only did you miss some great shows and parties but you also missed a great performance by Gabriel GalanPeralta and Joachim! One of the most well organised festivals I have ever been to, with an amazing venue- perfect floor and very well ventilated main room where you could dance for hours. Very high quality shows and workshops for all levels, super-hot photographers and an amusing but warm atmosphere.

The shows:

The festival had some top quality shows from all artists of origins from all over the world. New York, Los Angeles,  Mexico, Israel, Germany, Italy, Greece, France…you name it! Performers, DJs, dancers and artists from all over the world, were joined together to create three spectacular nights. For the fourth time in Limburg, the participants could come and watch amazing performances of World-class Latin dancers, or even…join the competition!! Some amazing shows were given by Adolfo Indacochea and his Latin Soul Dancers, Gaby and Estefy, Alessandro & Philomena, Panayiotis and Mirto, Marco and Samantha,
Estilo Dance, and many others.

The workshops:

As the organisers of Limburg Salsa Congress claim, there were three reasons  why every dancer should attend the workshops of the congress:

> learn

Both experienced or not experienced dancers,  should not  miss out on the amazing opportunities to learn from the world's best Latin dancers. For guys: learn new moves to impress the ladies on the dance floor! For Ladies: pick up amazing body movement techniques and learn how to follow exciting new moves. In this festival you had also the opportunity to learn the newest dance crazes such as Zouk, Bachata & Reggaeton - Tango, Swing & Samba!

> be inspired

Limburg Salsa Congress takes pride in inviting only the most talented and friendliest instructors from all over the world to teach. The workshops represent an opportunity to interact personally with our international instructors, to hear their personal stories and their philosophies on dancing and teaching, something which cannot simply be acquired by watching them dance socially.

> meet dancers from Europe & overseas

The Limburg Salsa Festival is an exciting opportunity to dance with different people. The workshops are a great way to meet new people from overseas. Chances are you'll be able to "try them out" at the workshop and make a mental note of who you want to ask to dance during the socials. You also get to "break the ice" at the workshops instead of spending hours agonizing about how to ask someone to dance during the socials.

The Parties:

Three crazy party nights + one pool party?!?! What more can someone ask for! Lots of party rooms to dance salsa dura, salsa romantica, kizomba, bachata, and reggeaton and lots of dancers from all over the world, all under one roof made the parties a BLAST! In my opinion, another impressive and very inspiring aspect of the party was the opportunity that EVERYONE in the festival had, to be professionally photographed by Mr Khalid Jalli, who has done some amazing work in the field of photography. After the parties, every dancer could attend an after party until 9 'o clock in the morning! The hot pool party  included lots of animation from the world’s most energetic artists.

Khalid Lazar and Naomi Dongelmans , we will all be there next year!!
You can buy your full pass for next year here!

Until next time, see you all another amazing congress!

Review by Kelly Stavridaki / 25-04-2013 / rated: 5 stars

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