woensdag 19 december 2012

Salsaventura XL @ MegaPlaza - Den Haag

This Saturday, December 15, I decided to attend the Salsa-Bachata Party of Salsaventura in Megaplaza-Den Haag. After a long night, I have to say, I was not disappointed.

First of all, the Venue was enormous, and packed with dancers of very satisfying level. The floor was as slippery as it should be, allowing you to enjoy your dance. The light was discreet, and the atmosphere was very pleasant, elements that could create a very nice environment. Those who attended the party had the chance to enjoy four very high level shows by Brian & MechteldBrian & RonaldRonald & VivienneGilson & Natasha. All of the shows were exceptional, while the- premiere-show of Brian and Mechteld was breathtaking and could satisfy even the most demanding Salsa Lovers.

I particularly enjoyed the music, which was both mainstream and alternative – with surprising variations of Mambos, Boogaloos, Pachangas and Salsa Dura and Romantica. By taking a look on the packed dance floor, one could realize that the dancers really enjoyed the sounds.

Despite the fact that the Bachata room was not as popular in comparison to the Salsa one, I have to mention that both the atmosphere and the music in the room were fascinating. The light was discreet, the room was very cozy, and the Zouk and Bachata sounds were very wisely selected to please the audience.

In addition, the cost to attend the party was € 12,- (with the option to save € 2,- by booking it online). There were no extra charges (coat room, toilet), while the location was easily accessible, with a large parking area around it. If you wish to attend a party of Salsaventura, you can find the information about the upcoming events here.

Until next time, see you all on the dance floor!

Review by Kelly Stavridaki / 15-12-2012 / Rated: 4 stars

Salsa Party in Haarlem Station

Are you a Salsa Addict? Are you looking for the coolest parties and places to attend? Then the Salsa Party in Haarlem Station NS is the place for you and a unique experience not to be missed!
Being a salsa dancer myself, I attended this party last Saturday, the 8th of December and was amazed. The party  takes place in a very picturesque cafĂ© in Haarlem Station, with a mesmerizing atmosphere that can captivate even the most demanding dancers. It’s a unique experience and a chance to dance both Salsa and Zouk, enjoy yourself and have a drink in one of the most beautiful places for Salsa, with high-level dancers ready to take you for a spin.
The party in Perron Haarlem hosted 3 amazing shows, by Estilo Dance CompanyFuerza, Hicham and a workshop by Andre & Tonka (Salsa Beginners) while the the amazing DJ Andres El Jefe was on Decks. The music was an interesting surprise with many underground, mainstream and alternative salsa sounds.
In addition to the unique atmosphere, I should mention the low price of the entrance (€5,-) and the fact that the party starts and finishes early (9pm-1am) so that dancers can use the train to go back home...or continue enjoying their Saturday night out!
All in all, it is was one of the best parties I attended in Holland, and I already became a phanatic. More information about the upcoming events can be found at www.salsamotion.nl and on facebook!!
Until next time…See you all on the dancefloor!

Review by Kelly Stavridaki / 08-12-2012 / Rating: 4 Stars