woensdag 1 mei 2013

Dos Bailadores Friday Night Party - Leiden

Dos Bailadores - The red party!! Celebrating Monique’s 50th birthday, was dressed in red and black. With bright red colours, great music, food and drinks, amazing shows, and a crazy crowd, what more can someone ask for a super-hot friday night??

For first time, a saw a dancefloor very different than normal. A great band with surprising live music, that fascinated the crowd. One could say that it was not a pure salsa, bachata, kizomba and zouk party, but the music programme also included disco, rock, and many popular hits!

With a very low entrance fee of € 7,- the party guests could enjoy lots of delicious and gourmet food snacks, both salty and sweet. Plus, all kinds of candies and fondue fountains with fresh fruit could be found next to the bar!

In my oppinion, the hottest moment of the event were the fascinating shows, best of which were given by Estilo dance, Willem (dance Alegria) and the EXTRAORDINARY Anderson and Brenda. The shows included salsa, zouk, tango,oriental and brazilian samba.

The atmosphere of the party was really glamorous, as all the ladies looked very sexy in their red dress outfits. Monique looked very happy to be celebrating her birthday among great friends, and great dancers.

Dos Bailadores is a wonderful venue-a spacious party area with excellent dancefloor, and dancers of all levels with a great desire for dance. As lots of parties are taking place in dos bailadores, I strongly recommend to give it a try, if you need some real fun!

Review by Kelly Stavridaki / 25-04-13 / rated: 4 stars