maandag 29 april 2013

Salsa Wednesdays at Boterwaag - Den Haag

If you want to try a different ‘after work’ place for a Wednesday night, Boterwaag in Grote Markt(Den Haag) is the ultimate place to be! Salsa Nights take place at the Boterwaag, every Wednesday from around 21.30 until late hours in the morning…!

Everybody is welcome for some free dancing to salsa, bachata, chacha, kizomba, merengue and reggeaton tunes. De Boterwaag Salsa Nights are open for everyone, even the less experienced dancers. And it's also an ideal evening to impress the love of your life...or even to find one! I was really impressed by the huge crowd of people dancing in the middle of this amazing place, moving as one…I felt like I was in Cuba, dancing and forgetting about tomorrow…

Always with amazing DJs, the music makes you want to start moving even if you don’t know any steps. This place combines all levels of dancers, from very high level passionate dancers who brake their week in half with some salsa, to just everyday people who just went out for a drink, but ended up having the time of their life in the centre of Den Haag. Everyone dances till they drop, and the dance floor remains full even at late hours!

If you just want to have some drinks and a bit of dance, the best time to be at Boterwaag is around 09.00 pm. If, on the other hand, you belong to the “hard-core dancers” category, the best time to go is around 10.30 to 11.00 pm.

In my opinion, it is one of the best places anyone could find to spend an amazing Wednesday night, and from now on…Wednesday is also a “Salsa day” in my calendar!
Until next time…see you all in Boterwaag!

Review by Kelly Stavridaki / 18-04-13
Rated: 4 stars

maandag 15 april 2013

Fusion Salsa Party - Bachata edition - Nijmegen

It was one of those relaxing family salsa nights with great atmosphere and great people. FusionSalsa Party is a great event in Nijmegen, this time with two rooms, Salsa and Bachata. With DJ LALO "El Bandido" in the sensual Bachata room (occasionally you could hear a little Merengue) and DJ RODRIGUEZ Betho in the Salsa room playing Salsa Romantica, guaguanco, Mambo and Cha Cha, the place was full of passionate salseros and bachateros. What is more, the attendants could enjoy a workshop, a great show, and of course…great food, with a variety of Spanish Tortillas, chicken wings and meatballs.

Personally, I really enjoyed myself, because it was just what I needed in order to have real fun. Great floor, cool dancers, nice drinks, people with smiles on their faces, and fantastic music. As a genuine salsa music lover myself, I heard songs that one does not ofter come across in a regular salsa party. The selected chacha and mambo songs drove everyone on the dance floor. At 2.30, when the party was supposed to finish, the floor was still packed with dancers who asked for more salsa!

The Location of the party was Fusion Latina, in Nijmegen, the party went on from 21.30 (with a workshop) to 02.30 while the showtime was at 00.30. The admission fee was : € 7.50 and as always, the parties were non smoking!

Until next time…see you all on the dance floor!

Review by Kelly Stavridaki / 08-04-13 / Rated: 3 stars

Bachata Mania - Asten (NB)

De naam zegt het al, een Bachata feest waar je helemaal los kan gaan als een maniac op de heerlijkste Dominican Bachata beats en lekker kan wegdromen tijdens de Bachata Romantica. Dan snap je dat ik, BachataJunky helemaal op mijn plaats was deze avond.

Dit kwam onder meer door het top Bachata duo mister (Bachata) Latin Mania himself en DJ Marlon (bekend van Exclusive Bachata Night). Dit was alweer de 14e Editie van dit top feest in de sfeervolle locatie "de Pandoer" in Asten. DJ Latin Mania bewijst maar weer dat 'al het goede van ver komt' En VER is het, als je vanuit Amsterdam en omstreken naar dit feest moet rijden (1.45 uur). Toch zag ik veel bekenden die ook de moeite hadden gedaan om minimaal 1,5 uur te rijden. Maar ja, je bent een junky of niet!

Ook qua latin feesten weten die zuiderlingen wel hoe ze moeten feesten. Er is een ontspannen sfeer en je ziet allemaal vrolijke mensen om je heen. Hierdoor voel je je meteen welkom en als vreemdeling uit de grote steden hoef je echt niet bang te zijn om de hele avond aan de kant te staan.

Maar dan denk je nu misschien; "helemaal zo ver rijden voor een Bachata feestje?" Het is een ultieme belevenis op zich! Ben je een echte Salsa danser? Dan heb je een hele zaal voor jou en jouw mede SalsaJunkies. Ik ben geen salsa liefhebber, maar ik heb niemand stil zien staan.

Ik heb zowaar mijn dansende uren niet alleen doorgebracht in de mooie ruime Bachata zaal.. Deze editie was er namelijk ook een Kizomba zaal. Het was de kleinste zaal, maar helemaal vol met genietende mensen. Ik was zelfs bijna vergeten dat er nog een Bachata zaal was.

De dansers uit de grote steden kunnen nog heel wat leren van deze zuiderlingen. Terwijl Kizomba nog in de wieg ligt in Amsterdam en omstreken (qua lessen en feesten) is het Kizomba virus al helemaal verspreidt in het zuiden van het land... Laat dat virus maar komen!

Aantal zalen: 3 zalen
Aanbod: workshop & show Rekening houden met interesse van de dansers: Prima, alle zalen waren vol, maar wel dansbaar. Catering aanwezig: In de grote bachata zaal, aanbod aangepast aan publiek. Misschien is het handiger om dit wat meer uit de zaal plaatsen ivm geuren.. Garderobe: Beetje chaotisch zonder strak systeem en een lastige plek om aan het einde met z'n allen de jassen op te halen. Hierdoor een lange rij. Toiletten: gratis en centraal. Ontvangst: Erg vriendelijke portier en dame bij de kassa. Tijden: 21.00 - 03.00 Sfeer: Erg ontspannen en open.

Review door Bachata Junky / 27-03-2013 / Rated: 4 sterren

Club Fiera Salsa, Bachata & Kizomba Party Deluxe

The Club Fiera Salsa Party, was a party for all tastes, with 3 large rooms (1x 100% Bachata, Salsa 1x 90% / 10% Bachata and 1x Kizomba / Mix) and a very big DJ line-up, with  DJ Bass, DJ Rafael & DJ Bripa and DJ Sigi on decks. A huge place for dancing, with three floors, a great dance-floor and lighting that made the party very atmospheric.

The party was addressed mostly to bachata lovers, hundreds of which were in the bachata room enjoying the music of DJ Rafael & DJ Bripa. As the two other rooms were not really crowded, the salsa and kizomba lovers had a lot of space to dance away and enjoy themselves!

The party, in addition to its many available square meters to dance, had some special features (some of which no other party has):

• Workshops (21.15 to 22.00): Those who attended the party had the opportunity to enjoy two great Bachata and Chacha workshops (Bachata Beginners by NUCITA & Gilbert and ChaChaCha Beginners / Intermediate by Sederick Short & Dianne).

• Shows: The Showtime started at 1 am sharp with super hot shows by Sizzling Salsa Show Team, Soeniel & Maud and Estilo Dance ft.. Sergio & Daphne.

• Massage: Tired from all the dancing? The party offered the possibility for dancers to relieve themselves from the dancing fatigue and to enjoy a massage from the hands of Caroline C Flexion!

• Food: Hungry from all the dancing? The dancers could enjoy delicious chicken satay in a spicy chicken sandwich and drive the hunger away! 

The location of the party was the Fokker Event Center,  the party lasted from 21:00 to 03.00 and the drinks could be payed in cash or by debit card. The wardrobe was guarded, and the parking was free for all the salseros, bachateros and kizomberos who came by car. The dress code was "nice, sexy and classy" while the entrance fee was €10,-. All in all it was a fun party, with charming all level dancers and good attitude on the dance floor, that left-especially the bachata dancers-very satisfied and happy.

Review by Kelly Stavridaki / 26-03-013 / Rated: 2 stars