woensdag 31 juli 2013

Latin Village Festival 2013

This Sunday, I decided to attend this year’s LATIN VILLAGE festival, and I have to say, I was not disappointed. Never have I seen such a big crowd in such a huge beautiful location. As the festival was open air, the sunny weather made it even more special. The warm atmosphere, the passion for music, the dance moves and the conviviality of the enthusiastic crowd made, everyone talk about a memorable Latin experience.

In this year’s ninth edition of Latin Village festival, from 14:00 o'clock, the festival doors were open! A true Latin Experience for anyone music minded who loves the good life!

In the festival, one could find six music platforms with different line-ups: LATIN HOUSE, RAW& LIVE, DOS-BY-D-RASHID,ELECTRIC-LATIN, SALSA LOUNGE AND AFRO BEATS with music genres for all tastes: club, eclectic, hiphop, house, latin, lounge, merengue, moombahton, r&b, salsa, trap and urban. This party is warmly embraced by the audience something which reveals the massive need of the crowd for such events.

I believe that the big success of the party is due to some reasons which make this festival special. It unites people from all ages, colors  and backgrounds, with a common passion for music. Everyone was relaxed, sitting in the grass or enjoying their food and drinks, listening to music or moving their bodies under their favorite rhythms.

What is more, everything in the festival was perfectly organised: the venue, the sound, the stages, the food and drinks.In addition, a big funfair was located close to the Salsa Lounge for those who wanted to take a break and experience some high levels of adrenaline! In the Salsa Lounge the crowd could also enjoy some shows and workshops given by salsa artists.

As a fashion lover myself, I feel obliged to comment on the beautiful and amazingly well dressed people that attended the party. All the girls had a really funky and hot dress-code and were all in fashion- something which was unusual but at the same time interesting to see in an open air festival. The good weather allowed the girls to put on their smiles,their summer party clothes and enjoy the music.

The party went on until 23:00, and as the time passed by each stage was more and more crowded, while the audience became more and more excited…! Next years’ Latin Village, is an event NOT to be missed! If you want a small taste of what happened, you can find more photos and videos of the festival here.

Until the next festival, see you all on the dancefloor!

Review by Kelly Stavridaki / 05-07-2013 / Rated:4 stars

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