maandag 15 april 2013

Club Fiera Salsa, Bachata & Kizomba Party Deluxe

The Club Fiera Salsa Party, was a party for all tastes, with 3 large rooms (1x 100% Bachata, Salsa 1x 90% / 10% Bachata and 1x Kizomba / Mix) and a very big DJ line-up, with  DJ Bass, DJ Rafael & DJ Bripa and DJ Sigi on decks. A huge place for dancing, with three floors, a great dance-floor and lighting that made the party very atmospheric.

The party was addressed mostly to bachata lovers, hundreds of which were in the bachata room enjoying the music of DJ Rafael & DJ Bripa. As the two other rooms were not really crowded, the salsa and kizomba lovers had a lot of space to dance away and enjoy themselves!

The party, in addition to its many available square meters to dance, had some special features (some of which no other party has):

• Workshops (21.15 to 22.00): Those who attended the party had the opportunity to enjoy two great Bachata and Chacha workshops (Bachata Beginners by NUCITA & Gilbert and ChaChaCha Beginners / Intermediate by Sederick Short & Dianne).

• Shows: The Showtime started at 1 am sharp with super hot shows by Sizzling Salsa Show Team, Soeniel & Maud and Estilo Dance ft.. Sergio & Daphne.

• Massage: Tired from all the dancing? The party offered the possibility for dancers to relieve themselves from the dancing fatigue and to enjoy a massage from the hands of Caroline C Flexion!

• Food: Hungry from all the dancing? The dancers could enjoy delicious chicken satay in a spicy chicken sandwich and drive the hunger away! 

The location of the party was the Fokker Event Center,  the party lasted from 21:00 to 03.00 and the drinks could be payed in cash or by debit card. The wardrobe was guarded, and the parking was free for all the salseros, bachateros and kizomberos who came by car. The dress code was "nice, sexy and classy" while the entrance fee was €10,-. All in all it was a fun party, with charming all level dancers and good attitude on the dance floor, that left-especially the bachata dancers-very satisfied and happy.

Review by Kelly Stavridaki / 26-03-013 / Rated: 2 stars

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