dinsdag 22 januari 2013

010 All Star Salsa DJ's party

010 All Star Salsa DJ s party was a special event with many Salsa DJ's from Rotterdam! An event for salsa and latin music lovers that could satisfy even the most demanding dancers.

The party took place in a wonderful location (De Klerk, Delftsestraat 5, Rotterdam centre-aside Hollywood Music Hall) in Rotterdam, very close to the train station, so that the dancers could have easy access to the place. With two rooms, one huge salsa room, and one smaller room with carribean and bachata music, everyone could relax and have an unforgettable Friday night.

The fact that made that party so special, was that, so many different DJ's were united in one crazy night and managed to create a unique atmosphere with all kinds of salsa sounds. The dancers enjoyed Salsa Dura and Romantica, Salsa Classica, Pachanga, Boogaloo, Cha-cha and Mambo, all in the right proportions, so that the interest of the dancers never faded away. The changes in styles and music were very 'correct' and every dancer felt like not wanting to leave any song pass by without dancing.The Rotterdam Salsa DJ's that spinned the wonderful Salsa sounds were Bas, Bjorn,Carlos,Chico,Chuck, Donnie, Pepez,Roggy and Rojo.

What is more, some other elements that made the party a blast, were the great dance floor that allowed the salsa lovers to demonstrate their talent and have a great time, and also the level of the dancers, which was very high. The atmosphere was very friendly and cosy , ideal for those who wanted to burn the dancefloor, but also for those who wanted to just relax, listen to their favourite music and have a nice glass of wine.

The 010 All Star Salsa DJs party started at 22.30, and lasted till 03.30 in the morning, while the entrance fee was '€ 7.50, which is in my opinion a very reasonable price for a Friday night's party. The smile on the dancers' faces while lieaving was evident...and the comments that were written on facebook after the end of the party can convince everyone that this party....was a great success and an event not to be missed!

Until next time...See you all on the dancefloor!!

Review by Kelly Stavridaki /  18-01-13 / Rated: 5 stars

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